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caused freezing

Worldwide millions of people are affected by the symptom of freezing, which is caused by Parkinson’s disease. Freezing causes abrupt stops without warning. Tactile, auditive or visual stimuli help patients to overcome freezing. Walking sticks and rollators are very stigmatizing and not effective enough. Unexpected occurrences of freezing can lead to accidents and serious injuries. Because of a short reaction time, tactile stimuli are the most effective ones. Portable, discreet medical devices like helpsole from Lellis GmbH can help to overcome freezing. The company was named after Camillo de Lellis, patron for doctors, therapists, nurses and patients.

We use artificial intelligence in combination with sensor and actuator technology to develop the first smart shoe inlay for Parkinson’s patients. Dive in and watch our video:

about helpsole

helpsole is a real problem solver and shall improve the lives of those affected demonstrably. We are talking about clinical picture of Parkinson’s disease. During the course of the disease the symptom of so-called Freezing of gait (short Freezing) can occur. Freezing describes the condition of sudden, unpredictable freezing of the patients in their movement. This phenomenon can occur in a wide variety of everyday situations and places an enormous burden on those affected. The duration and frequency of freezing can be reduced by medication, however, freezing cannot be completely remedied by medication. In the worst case, patients fall due to a freezingepisode, because they want to go further in their thoughts, but their legs no longer react.

In a state of freezing, affected persons need an external stimulus to overcome the symptom of freezing. An external trigger, for example a slight pinch, triggered by relatives or caregivers, is usually sufficient in this case. However, people suffering from freezing are often forced to leave the house unaccompanied or want to live self-determined and get by without permanently support. In this case a Wearable could be a remedy, which automatically detects the freezing and delivers a tactile stimulus at that moment. Exactly that enables helpsole and it is intended to make everyday life easier for those who are affected in order to maintain their autonomy, to prevent falls and subsequent injuries.

Helpsole is a shoe inlay equipped with sensors and actuators, which will automatically recognize that the patent is in danger of freezing or has already frozen due to the movement patterns. Exactly at this moment a tactile stimulus is triggered and should help the affected person to overcome the freezing.

our Team

Together with a team of great developers, international neurologists, medical advisors and patients we are developing an innovative tech-solution consisting of hardware and software components for Parkinson’s patients.  The founding team behind helpsole is composed of four people with medical, technical and economic backgrounds. The dedicated and solution-oriented team got to know each other during the master’s degree course in Entrepreneurship and Applied Management at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. 

Ines Nechi

CEO & Regulatory Affairs

Ines Nechi brings the necessary expertise from her master’s degree in medical technology in order to lead the company as managing director. Ines is also the initiator of helpsole. A friend of hers suffers from freezing and was not satisfied with existing solutions. Therefore, she embodies the drive and vision of helpsole.

Philipp Lederle

CMO & Head of Sales

Philipp Lederle has worked for more than eight years in the field of marketing and sales in national and international companies and holds a bachelor’s degree in this field. Therefore Philipp takes over the responsibilities of Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Sales.

Ferdinand Perktold

CFO & Quality Management

Ferdinand Perktold completed a bachelor’s degree in military leadership within the Austrian Armed Forces and has an affinity for numbers. He holds the position of the Chief Financial Officer at helpsole and is responsible for accounting, controlling and financing.

Andreas Müllner


Due to his many years of professional but also scientific past, Andreas Müllner has the necessary expertise in the technical field and therefore holds the position of the Chief Technology Officer as well as the operative business as the Chief Operating Officer.

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